Our Mission

To restore, preserve, and protect coastal environments while raising awareness through public projects, education, and research.

Who We Are

     The National Beach Foundation is an environmental 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charitable organization working to improve and protect coastal environments in the U.S. through public projects, education, and research. A small, yet focused organization, we are dedicated to serving the United States coastline. When you support our organization in improving our coastal environments, you help to stabilize our shorelines, protect ecology, and strengthen coastal economies.

A Message From The National Beach Foundation

     Our coastal beaches serve to protect the environment by acting as a physical barrier between water and land.  Beaches deflect wave energy which can save lives and reduce destruction to the environment.  Along our beautiful shorelines, beaches provide a natural habitat for wildlife such as nesting turtles, different species of shore birds and marine life.  Our beaches, like our roads and bridges are a part of the infrastructure.  Their existence can be vital to coastal communities in order for them to maintain their economies.  However, over the course of time, erosion due to the natural movement of water, pollution, and storm surges are causing some of our beaches to wash away at an accelerated rate.

     In order to increase coastal resilience and help preserve our beaches, we must take action when needed. We support the use of soft beach stabilization methods, also known as beach remediation. Beach remediation refers to the process of restoring and improving the quality of beaches through a variety of methods, such as beach nourishment, dune restoration, and the removal of debris and pollutants. The goal of beach remediation is to make beaches safer for visitors and to protect coastal habitats and property from erosion.  In addition, we support projects that include the planting of vegetation such as sea oats and other beach grasses.  The vegetation plantings are very important because their root systems help stabilize the dunes.  These necessary projects can be costly for coastal communities. Public beaches receive some public funding; however, the funding is not sufficient enough to maintain a high standard of environmental restoration.  As time passes, many of these beautiful beaches can erode away and communities will have to endure the environmental and economic impact as a result.

     Now more than ever, the beaches rely on private support by our citizens.  Your tax-deductible donation to National Beach Foundation (Tax Id# 47-1263532) can help coastal communities Restore, Protect, and Preserve their shorelines.  Your contribution shows that you want to help sustain the beauty of the United States coastline.  Please stand with us and donate today.

Thank you for your support!

The National Beach Foundation